Online Christmas Shopping Fears

Christmas is a time of joy, caroling, decorating the Christmas tree and giving and receiving gifts from loved ones. If you’re a Christian, it’s also a time to reflect on the life of Jesus. Regardless, it is not supposed to be a time of fear. But that is what more and more people are feeling when shopping online. That’s because of how many shoppers are being targeted for identity and credit card theft by cyber criminals. How can we avoid being victimized by cold-hearted hackers during such a warm-hearted time of year?

Christmas Shopping Fears

There is a lot of advice out there about how to avoid some of the problems related to online shopping, such as checking for the little SSL padlock symbol in front of the URL and installing good security software on your computer.

Experienced shoppers also know enough to look for third-party vulnerability scanning and website security activities such as those offered by Trust Guard. They verify that those sites represent legitimate businesses, that they comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards, and that they pass the scanning tests for over 76,000 online vulnerabilities. Websites that have passed Trust Guard’s security protocol make more sales on Cyber Monday and all year long because of the peace of mind their trust seals provide to online shoppers. 

Are you aware that more than 85% of websites scanned by Trust Guard fail their first vulnerability scan? This means that most websites are vulnerable to cyber attack, which means that shoppers could suffer financial repercussions for shopping online this Christmas. 

For online retailers, having the Trust Guard seal on your site means that more shoppers will trust your site which is guaranteed to make you more sales. So when you browse the Web this year for a new watch for Grandpa, or the latest X-Box for your teenager, look for the Trust Guard trust seal and shop safely. It’s Halloween supposed to be scary, not online Christmas shopping. 

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