How Website Security Can Boost Your Sales and Lower Your Bounce Rate (Video)

There are more than 66,956 vulnerabilities out there that hackers can use to walk right into your website. In fact, an incredible 86% of websites fail their first vulnerability scan, meaning most sites are prime hacking targets. A security breach could destroy your reputation, cost you millions in fines, rack up legal fees, and upset the FTC.

Many of your visitors are too afraid of credit card or identity theft to become paying customers. 8 in 10 online shoppers said in a consumer survey that they won’t shop on a website they don’t trust.

As an industry leader, Trust Guard is used by thousands of well-known brands and trusted by billions of online shoppers.

So you want to grow your online business, boost your sales, and finally…take that much-deserved dream vacation.

You’ve got an amazing product, a killer website, and you’ve listened to all the “experts” but your visitors still aren’t buying. Why!?

82% of online shoppers say they won’t shop on a site they don’t trust. And can you blame them?

Last year was titled the Year of the Data Breach and it’s only going to get worse. Online shoppers want to feel SAFE, and SECURE. They want to TRUST your website. When they see your logo they want to feel all warm and fuzzy.

Because while you might think about your site like this: Visitors, however, might be seeing this:

THAT’S WHERE TRUST GUARD COMES IN! Trust Guard provides the trust and confidence that your visitors need to become buying customers.  In Fact, A/B split tests show our trust seals increased sales conversion by an average of 15%.

Trust Guard security scanning is the most effective way to keep hackers out and boost sales. And did we mention it’s super easy? We scan for tens of thousands of vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to steal from your website. We find the security holes, so you can close them before hackers can get in.

Once your website is safe, it gets a badass Trust Guard trust seal. Place it above the fold and on your checkout, and watch your sales take off.

So what are you waiting for!? In just a few MINUTES you can secure your website, build customer trust and loyalty, prevent hacking attacks, and boost your conversion rate. Awesome!
So, don’t wait another minute, join the thousands of great businesses getting more sales from their existing traffic Today Our 60-day-DOUBLE-your-money-back guarantee lets you try it risk-free. So go ahead: secure your website and watch the sales roll in!

Karen Schmidt

Journalist turned blogger about all things ecommerce, shopping, retail and cyber security.

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