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6 Things Entrepreneurs Are Doing Wrong (And They Don’t Even Know It) By Striker Evans

1. Providing facts instead of a “vision.” When you’re negotiating, or trying to make a sale, facts will only take you so far. “We have a money back offer! We offer 24/7 support!” These are just facts and they’ll limit your potential. Give the other side the real information, give them what their life could look like with your product or service.

2. Not having a decent defense for your cost or fees. If you’re providing something valuable you’d better have a good reason as to why you’re charging a certain amount. You’re worth it, convince the other guy, and tie it to your vision.

3. Every moment is a moment wasted. Any time that you spend with any potential clients could be time spend negotiating to some extent. This doesn’t mean that you should hard sell your t-shirt business to your father-in-law during Sunday brunch but you could sell him a vision during brunch. After-all, that waitress wouldn’t be calling him “Grandpa” if he was wearing a more modern, outfit, similar to what your brand offers.

4. Waiting. If you’re waiting for good things to happen to your business, you’ll be waiting a long time. Take initiative, get in there, and drive your team.

5. Taking employees for granted. A company is only as good as their employees. If you value your employees, show them, and listen to their suggestions. You’d be surprised by how many employees of today are multi-million entrepreneurs tomorrow.

6. Don’t put all of your ducks in one basket. Or eggs. How does that go again? The point is this: Don’t put all of your marketing efforts into FB and Twitter. Many entrepreneurs put all of their hope in social media stuff, they SPAM the world with their stuff, and they are disappointed with the poor results. The best way to run a business account is the same way you’d run a personal account. You wouldn’t SPAM your friends so don’t SPAM potential clients. Make friends, care what others are saying and doing, and post things of value without trying to push your products constantly. Bam! Winning.

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How To Use Twitter (If You’re Over Sixteen And Struggling Like The Rest Of Us)


If you’re a normal person who surpassed your teenage years at least a while ago chances are you kind of suck at Twitter. Twitter is probably one of the easiest and somehow the most complicated social media tools to master. It’s kind of amazing when you hear stories of people like Syed Balkhi who has nearly 500,000 followers under his list25 username. Impressive? Yes. Luckily for all of you eCommerce store owners out there he’s willing to share his strategy, or what he calls his “formula.” It seems simple enough. He writes that Curating+Automation+Personal Interaction=Success. Seems easy enough, right? If you want to give it a shot: Get The Full Article Here. 


eCommerce Options And Lifestyle Brands

We’re all accustomed to shopping online. We do the research, we compare and cross-examine, ask friends on FB or Twitter, because our possibilities are nearly endless. With so many options out there it’s not a surprise that eCommerce sites are honing in and getting more and more specific. We’re seeing thousands of Made-In-America lifestyle brands as a result. Brands can now appeal to an array of ultra-specific lifestyles-hipster, athletic, nerdy, rugged, avid fans of butterflies. You name it, it’s out there. Since these niche products tend to operate on a smaller scale they tend to have limited distribution but a more customized appeal. If you manufacture your own products or have the ability to do it, it’s a great time to take advantage of the huge growth potential. Click Here For The Full Article


Trust Guard Partners with 4-Tell to Increase Conversion for Ecommerce Retailers

Bringing Enterprise-level Tools to All eCommerce Retailers

Personalized product recommendations company 4-Tell has announced today that they will be partnering with website security and verification company, Trust Guard.

4-Tell says it plans to use the partnership to increase conversion for their clients, eCommerce retailers of all sizes. 4-Tell provides 1-to-1 personalization through product recommendations across all channels, including on eCommerce sites and in email. By bubbling up content of interest to shoppers, they boost revenue by 15% or greater on average.

Trust Guard boosts revenue by strengthening customer-client relationships with third-party-verification and website security products. Recent case studies report that Trust Guard’s presence on an eCommerce website boosts sales conversion significantly.

Co-Founder and CEO, Ken Levy is enthusiastic about the partnership, saying, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Trust Guard because the union is projected to increase revenue for retailers. Boosting conversion is our #1 priority and dovetails in with Trust Guard’s objectives as well. We’re both fast, user-friendly and cost-effective. This partnership delivers more value for all of our customers.”

The partnership will provide 4-Tell and Trust Guard’s customers with the opportunity to utilize the tools of both companies for a heavily discounted price of 50% off the first month for 4-Tell’s Boost° Recommendations to all Trust Guard and Shopper Approved Merchants and Free PCI, and up to 70% off Trust Guard’s Certification Seal to 4-Tell’s customers.

“We are very excited about our partnership with 4-Tell as they share our passion for making the most of hard earned traffic.” Says, CMO, Cresta Pillsbury, Trust Guard. We are confident that this partnership will be an excellent fit, adding a great deal of value to all parties involved”.

About Trust Guard:

Trust Guard is a Website Security company with over 15 years of online sales and marketing experience. Trust Guard offers PCI Compliant Security Scanning that checks for over 45,400 vulnerabilities hackers might use to compromise websites. In addition to Website Security, Trust Guard also specializes in Privacy, and Business Verification Seals that build customer trust and loyalty, increase online sales, and improve website credibility.

When online consumers see a Trust Guard Seal, they know that the website has been scanned and verified by a reliable, trustworthy third-party. Our seals come with a certificate that is displayed when consumers click on the seal, instantly verifying the website’s credentials without leaving the site, giving them the confidence and the peace of mind to complete their purchase.

About 4-Tell:

4-Tell increases sales by 15% or greater with 1-to-1 personalization through product recommendations which bubble up items your shoppers are likely to purchase. With self-optimizing algorithms and a retailer-controlled dashboard, Boost® Recommendations become increasingly personalized with each click a shopper makes. Their Boost® Recommendations Engine provides automated personalized recommendations that work seamlessly across all channels – web, email, mobile, CRM and in-store. More than 150 merchants use 4-Tell’s Boost® products, including Columbia Sportswear, Lukie Games, Ace Tool and exOfficio.




Developers Toolbox: Adding Rich Snippets

Programmers are always looking for ways to improve site rankings. By developing ways to share data across multiple platforms in different languages programmers are able to greatly improve data sharing. They can do this by giving search engine spider as much information as possible about a web page, site indexing is more accurate. By adding micro-data to product pages rich snippets are enabled on search engine results pages. These not only give users a snapshot of your products, but they can even increase click-through rates by 20-30%. For more information on rich snippets check out this article on Adding Rich Snippets. 


Three Simple Steps To Grow Your Online Store

Growing your online store doesn’t have to be a stressful process. In fact, it can be far easier than you think. You need to dedicate at least one year to building it up, you have to be open-minded and adaptable, and you need to validate your products. If you’re consistent and dedicated you can achieve great results. Launching an online store can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor but with a little knowledge and this great article 3 Ecommerce Pros Share Tips For How To Grow Your Store you’ll be good to go.


Life Hack: Work Smarter Not Harder

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By following common sense and a multitude of research we can manage our Ecommerce business’ better which will allow us to be more productive, less stressed, and actually do less “work.” Multitasking is actually a large culprit in poorly conducted work, more stress, and getting less done. Meditating can help open your mind which allows you to focus. Personalize your work space and you’ll feel the stress melt away as you’re surrounded by comfort and warm fuzzy feelings while you pound away at the keyboard all day. This is a great article: The Science Of Working Smarter

M-Commerce From 10% To The Moon?

M-Commerce is all over the internet as companies gear up for the hot new shift in e-commerce. While many people use their mobile phone for shopping and it’s projected to possibly surpass shopping from computers it isn’t necessarily that big right now. At least, mobile commerce is not nearly as big as it is in China or India. How many of you shop from your smart phone?



The Solution To All Of Your Problems Could Be Your Employees Secret Talent

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Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs inside of an existing company. They are employees who come and go, shift after shift who might have an incredible talent for innovation and drive. Utilizing these skills can keep business moving forward but overlooking it is “bad leadership” and can stunt business growth. “Many senior leaders, surprisingly, are actually afraid to promote out-of‐ the‐box thinking for fear of losing their best employees to success and then to competitors; this is a sure sign of failed leadership.” According to this article Recognize Intrepreneurs Before They Leave , the key to staying on top is recognizing the gems within your organization before they leave and are recognized elsewhere.