Three Types of Trust Seals

You are the owner of an e-commerce business so you know that all trust seals have value in building the confidence of your online visitors. When placed in strategic locations, they are known to substantially increase sales. Which of the three types of trust seals will work best for you and your business?

Business Identity Seal

The purpose of a business identity seal is to prove to the public and your potential consumers that your business is legitimate. Before approving the seal, a thorough investigation will be conducted to verify the nature and details of the business, such as management or contact information and to ensure the business is in accordance with any governmental and internet regulation. This seal can be a great benefit to your business legally and will help assure your clients that your business is safe and trustworthy. When they see the seal and its accompanying certificate, they will know that if they do have issues, they will be able to quickly contact you to resolve any issues. 

Trust Guard trust sealPrivacy Safe Seal

It is not uncommon to share personal information online anymore. However, privacy seals ensure that your business has taken measures to protect private and personally identifiable information. These measures generally include scans that identify potential threats to users’ personal data. These seals can assure consumers that you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their privacy. Place this next to your “Buy Now” button on your checkout page and companies like Trust Guard promise that you will increase your sales – guaranteed!

Security Scanned Seal

The importance of these trust seals is all in the name. Security seals allow consumers to know that certain security measures have taken place or are continually taking place to create a more secure site. This includes items like SSL certificates and PCI compliant vulnerability scans. More than 75,575 known issues are monitored to ensure that hackers can’t access your website. These seals are a necessity for today’s online platforms, as identity and credit card thieves are everywhere on the internet.

So, whether you want to show visitors that you care about their privacy, prove that you are a real company, or demonstrate that your site is safe from hackers, trust seals can help. Choosing all three trust seals isn’t a bad idea either, since each serves a unique, valuable purpose.

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