How Offering Identity Theft Protection Wins Customers

A staggering 17.6 million consumers were victims of identity theft in 2014, according to estimates from the Justice Department. Identity theft is on the rise, with more and more consumers falling victim to ID fraud. According to the FTC, which handles the millions of complaints of identity theft and fraud, complaints were up 3 percent in 2015 from the year before.

Consumers are aware that every time they shop for an item online, they’re potentially putting themselves at risk to have their credit card info and personal data stolen.

That fear of theft is multiplied when they’re considered shopping on a site they’ve never shopped before.

And customers are wise to be wary of identity theft when shopping online. The second-biggest form of identity theft is credit card theft, according to a recent article from Huffington Post.

By offering your customers identity theft protection, you can put their fears to rest. Website visitors will know that you value their identity and security just as much as they do, and will feel safe shopping your site.

With 4x Buyer Protection, you can quickly and easily offer your customers identity theft protection without negatively affecting your bottom line.

And don’t worry – with the right identity theft protection plan doesn’t have break the bank. You can offer this to your customers for just a fraction of the return you’ll get from seeing more customers shop your site. You’ll be saving yourself money, and potentially your customers too: over the past six years, identity theft has cost U.S. shoppers an incredible $12 billion.

Hopefully your customers won’t ever fall victim to identity theft. But with nearly 50 percent of businesses suffering cyber attacks, the odds are stacked against you and consumers.

And if the worst should happen and one or more of your customers is an identity theft victim, they’ll be much less likely to give your company a bad review online and more likely to shop your site again knowing that you did everything you could to protect against ID fraud.

With 4x Buyer Protection, you can not only offer identity theft protection but also three other powerful reasons to shop your site: shipping insurance, a price match guarantee and a terms of service guarantee. Learn more at 4x Buyer

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