4 Reasons You Need Shipping Insurance For Your Ecommerce Site

Like free shipping, shipping insurance is quickly becoming the industry standard for ecommerce. If you’re trying to decide if shipping insurance is something you should offer customers, these shipping insurance facts can help you decide. There are a ton of reasons why insurance might be right for you – here are four of them.

1. Help First-time Customers Feel Secure Buying From You

With shipping insurance, customers know as soon as they visit your site that they can shop with you hassle-free. Customers will feel secure knowing that if anything happens to their package, you’ve got them covered.

2. Reduce Chargebacks

Shipping insurance can help reduce chargebacks by as much as 40%. That’s a huge boost to your bottom line. With what you save in chargebacks, shipping insurance may cost even less than you think.

3. Gain a Competitive Edge Over the Competition

If you’re a new or smaller online business, website visitors probably won’t feel as comfortable buying from you as they would from larger, well-known companies like Amazon. To give you that extra edge that major brand names already have, you need to show customers they can feel safe shopping on your site.

4. Reduce Cart Abandonment

At checkout, you can remind customers once again that their package is covered with shipping insurance. Customers will feel secure hitting the “buy” button, meaning they’re less likely to have second thoughts upon checkout and abandon their cart.

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