Show You Care About People’s Privacy

CareEveryone using the internet to perform any kind of transaction feels the need to be assured that their personal information is secure. Many different websites require a person’s credit card information, home address, name, age, phone, or email address. Sometimes, this information may be retrieved automatically by the website and used for various reasons.

However, it’s also possible for this information to fall into the hands of hackers and identity thieves. They search for loopholes in websites to access valuable information about their visitors. According to the TRUSTe/National Cyber Security Alliance U.S. Consumer Privacy Index, only 56% of consumers trust businesses with their personal information online. Concern for the privacy of your online visitors is big deal and every website needs to act now to rebuild trust with their customers before it hurts their businesses. It is important for website owners to secure their online websites from such attacks and intrusions. But how do you show your visitors that you care about their privacy?

Use A Privacy Policy:

A privacy policy is a statement used by many websites that discloses all of the ways a website manages customer data. What better way to show your visitors that you care about their privacy than by letting them know the type of data you collect, and how you collect, store and use the data. Being completely transparent about this tells your visitors that you have nothing to hide. All this information will be displayed on a dedicated privacy policy page on your website. Don’t have a privacy policy? Visit Professional Privacy

Avoid Storing Data You Don’t Need:

If you must collect data from your website visitors, avoid collecting and storing data you do not need. Assure your website visitors that you’re only collecting the data you need, and that you’re taking good care of it. Thus should be boldly stated in your privacy policy.

Use SSL Certificates:

SSL Certificates are used by websites to encrypt the valuable information of your visitors. You know that the website you’re submitting valuable information to is secure by looking into its address bar. If you see a URL like “https://” and not “http://”, it means that the transaction is secure.

Use A Trust Seal:

In case you don’t know, A trust seal is a logo usually displayed on a website’s homepage that is granted by an entity. It is an indication that the website you’re visiting is concerned with security, privacy, and/or their business identity.

Consumers are getting more concerned about their privacy and they’re acting on it. If you as a website owner can’t show your visitors that you care about their privacy and how their personal information is managed, then you are bound to lose them to your competitors.

This article was written by Emmanuel Ozigi, a biochemist in the making from Nigeria. In my spare time, I’m a science, health, and fitness blogger. I also specialize in graphic design and photo editing. I also have this insatiable hunger for information and the desire to learn new things. Visit my blog at

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