Display Trust Seals to Make More Money

When you bring up the topic of trust seals to website owners, 70% of your audience just roll their eyes thinking that you’re after their money. The other 30% barely have a  clue what you’re talking about. I wouldn’t want to guess which group you belong to. However, having a keen understanding of what trust seals are, how important they are to your e-commerce business and how they can help you build trust with customers is very important. What few people know is that using a trust seal can potentially quadruple your profits. Did that get your attention?

Display Trust SealsFor those who don’t know, trust seals are digital images that are given by an trustworthy entity to websites or businesses for display to potential customers. If you’ve ever visited popular e-commerce websites like E Bay and Amazon, you’ll see certain logo-like displays like Trust Guard, McAfee and Norton. These are trust seals and often the purpose is to demonstrate to customers that this business is concerned with security, privacy and their business identity. There are different types of trust seals out there. Some are indications that the website you’re shopping on has been scanned for vulnerabilities, that it cares about consumer protection, or that it will protect your privacy.

Now that you know what trust seals are, here are two ways in which trust seals can make you more money than ever before

Trust Seals Increase Conversions:

You probably didn’t really feel too comfortable shopping on newer websites even though they offer extraordinarily low prices. For starters, that’s because you’re afraid that something will go wrong with your package delivery or credit card information. When online shoppers land on a website, an ample amount of trust needs to be built in order to get them to make their first purchase and that’s where the challenge lies.

A simple study was carried out by Econsultancy to understand the influence trust seals have on buyers when deciding whether or not to trust a website. From the survey, Econsultancy discovered that the highest response from participants indicated that trust seals gave them the greatest sense of trust when shopping on a website. In a short and simplified manner, the more people trust your website, the more likely they are to purchase and the more money finds its way into your bank account.

You’re Taken More Seriously By Customers:

According to a research that was carried out in 2005 by an independent research firm called TNS (via Comodo Group, Inc.), it was discovered that a majority of online shoppers are indeed aware of what trust seals are and their significance. Unsurprisingly, 79% of online shoppers expect to see a trust seal on a website’s home page. The most astonishing of the data collected showed that approximately 70% of online shoppers cancelled their online order because they did not “trust” the transaction. Can you imagine how many people have done that on your website? It was then discovered that trust logos increased the trustworthiness by over 75% and your customers take your business more seriously.

Why not unlock the potential of your e-commerce website today by acquiring a trust seal. Trust Guard can help.

Emmanuel OzigiThis article was written by Emmanuel Ozigi, a biochemist in the making from Nigeria. In my spare time, I’m a science, health, and fitness blogger. I also specialize in graphic design and photo editing. I also have this insatiable hunger for information and the desire to learn new things. Visit my blog at http://sciencehealth24.com.


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