Trust Guard’s VP Speaks at U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands

As part of their international expansion and to promote their new European website, website security firm Trust Guard participated in a recent cybersecurity conference at the U.S. embassy in the Netherlands.

Trust Guard Vice President Todd Brandley was among other leading experts who spoke about the growing threat of cyber security crimes across the globe at the conference in The Hague, Netherlands.

Top CEOs interested in cybersecurity also attended the event. The wide range of industries from banking to telecom hosting, health, insurance, hospitality and more demonstrate that no industry is immune from hacking and other cybercrimes.

Other expert speakers included Kevin M. McCleary, who is a security officer at the U.S. Embassy in The Hague. McCleary works with Europol’s European Cybercrime Center’s Joint Cybercrime action taskforce to combat international cybercrime.

Trust Guard’s Dutch partner, Business to You’s Hans Bouman, spoke about the need for businesses to be PCI compliant.

One of the main topics at the conference was PCI compliance, which is one of the key services Trust Guard provides to protect merchants and their customers.

Trust Guard is a leading global website security services provider company that provides website security, third-party verification and PCI security scanning with the goal of increasing client trust while protecting websites from vulnerabilities that are easily accessed by hackers. Trust Guard also addresses visitors’ concerns with Trust Seals, which verify that the website they’re visiting is safe and secure. Learn more at or follow them on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.

Trust Guard has recently launched its European site,, to further expand its global reach.

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