Viral Video Of The Week: Girl With Super Power Terrifies Cafe Patrons

Why post viral videos every week for a blog about eCommerce? Well, for starters, every eCommerce biz out there is constantly trying to understand how to reach out, spread the word, get more traffic, and increase views or sales. The best way to understand what people want is to understand what is popular. Sure, everyone has a different demographic, but genius marketing is genius marketing and it can certainly inspire new ideas for any kind of business. This video has 27 MILLION VIEWS. It is part of the marketing campaign for the new remake of the Carry film. The marketing team made this video knowing it would go viral (or at least hoping) and sure enough within days it was spreading through social media like wildfire. Why? Well, it’s entertaining, it’s short, and it’s not “selling” and shoving product in an obnoxious way. Check it out and think of what you could do for your own business to create a two minute video that could go viral too. Enjoy!



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