Rhino Support Makes it Easy for Everyone to Offer Quality Customer Service

RhinoSupport-300x84You are a business owner that knows how important customer service is to the longevity and profitability of your company. You also realize that as you grow, your customer service needs change too. There may have been a time when Live Chat wasn’t important. Now it is. If you don’t believe me, visit a few of your competitors’ websites and you will see that most, if not all of them, offer Live Chat as a customer support option.

According to conversionsciences.com, a recent study by eDigital research shows that consumers were more satisfied with live chat as a means for customer service than any other channel including email, phone or social media. The study suggests that consumers are no longer satisfied with intricate automated answering systems and delays when they pick up the phone. Furthermore, they expect answers to email queries quickly with less than a quarter willing to wait 24 hours for a reply from a brand. And for many, social media is seen as an avenue for complaining without providing resolutions to problems. Live chat support systems do an excellent job of allowing business owners the ability to respond to customer queries in real-time while addressing potential customer concerns before they are spread all over the internet and before potential customers leave the website in search for the same or similar product elsewhere.Live_Chat

One example of the need to quickly provide customer support is told by Jenix Hastings who recently conversed with a client who was unable to purchase a complete set of books on Amazon.com. He was extremely frustrated that the website would only suggest one book at a time, when he knew that they should be sold as a set. The client eventually abandoned his session on Amazon and purchased the set elsewhere online. The injection of a live chat system would have saved the sale in this example; it may also have prevented the client from sharing this negative experience with Jenix.

Live Chat is just one of the customer service features offered by Rhino Support that legitimate business owners would come to expect from their customer support software provider. Unlike other companies that milk business owners for every agent and website added, Rhino Support allows for an unlimited number of agents to manage customers from multiple websites. Their prices start at only $17/month, for start-ups with only one agent. So if you haven’t offering Live Chat and other customer support services to your clients, now is the time to start.

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