4x Buyer Protection’s 4 Customer-Winning Benefits

4x Buyer Protection offers 4 powerful benefits for you and your customers.

#1 Price Match Guarantee

With price matching, website visitors are much less likely to have second thoughts at checkout that they’re getting the best price. They’ll be more likely to stay on your site and hit that buy button because they won’t feel the need to go online price comparison shopping.

 Retailers reported in a survey by research firm BDO that the second-biggest reason customers were enticed to buy from them was through price matching. (Free shipping came in first.)

If you have a price match guarantee, customers will most likely assume you have the best prices out there. That makes shopping easier and quicker for them, meaning they’re more likely to buy, and more likely to remember your site and shop again.

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#2 Shipping Insurance

Like free shipping, shipping insurance is quickly becoming the industry standard for ecommerce. With shipping insurance, customers know as soon as they visit your site that they can shop with you hassle-free. Customers will feel secure knowing that if anything happens to their package, you’ve got them covered.

Shipping insurance can help reduce chargebacks by as much as 40%.

That’s a huge boost to your bottom line. With what you save in chargebacks, shipping insurance may cost even less than you think.

At checkout, you can remind customers once again that their package is covered with shipping insurance. Customers will feel secure hitting the “buy” button, meaning they’re less likely to have second thoughts upon checkout and abandon their cart.

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#3 Identity Theft Protection

Consumers are aware that every time they shop for an item online, they’re potentially putting themselves at risk to have their credit card info and personal data stolen. That fear of theft is multiplied when they’re considered shopping on a site they’ve never shopped before.

Customers are wise to be wary of identity theft when shopping online. The second-biggest form of identity theft is credit card theft, according to a recent article from Huffington Post.

With 4x Buyer Protection, you can quickly and easily offer your customers identity theft protection without negatively affecting your bottom line.

By offering your customers identity theft protection, you can put their fears to rest. Website visitors will know that you value their identity and security just as much as they do, and will feel safe shopping your site.

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#4 Terms of Service Guarantee

With a Terms of Service Guarantee, you let potential customers know that if the terms of service aren’t met, you’ve got their back. What is a Terms of Service Guarantee? Basically, a Terms of Service Guarantee is like a warranty (not insurance.). A TOS guarantee ensures customers any products they’ve bought will perform according to the terms of the sale up to 30 days after purchase.

With a TOS Guarantee, you can offer customers resolution if they feel the sales promises weren’t met. It’s just another powerful way customers can know they can trust your company and feel safe shopping your site.

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For more info about the 4 powerful benefits of 4x Buyer Protection, go to 4xBuyerProtection.com.

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