Michaels Store Next In Series Of POS System Security Breaches

I saw an incredibly depressing tweet yesterday. A man quoted his eighty year old grandma saying, “I’ll sure be happy when it’s my time to die. The world is falling apart with all of this hacking and credit cards being stolen.” Seriously, America does seem to be in a sad place, so I hate to announce that even more stores have suffered POS system security issues this week. Apparently, the hot thing right now is to plant malware into the point-of-sale terminals and steal credit card information as customers swiper their cards. Michaels, the favorite store of scrapbookers, artists, and crafty people in general, announced on Saturday that they are looking into a security breach. They have not announced whether or not there was a security breach but they believe that there is the possibility of one that might have affected customer’s credit card data. For Full Article: Michaels Stores Is Investigating Data Breach

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