10 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Cyber Monday

The holidays are here, the stores are filled with jingles and jangles, and Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Is your business ready to maximize your holiday earning potential? This year sales for cyber week are projected to increase 14%-18%, hitting an estimated 9 billion in sales on Cyber Monday alone and an estimated 15 billion in sales for Cyber week. Cyber seems to be where it’s at as Brick-and-mortar stores will only see an estimated increase of 1-4%.

Here are the ten best ways to prepare your eCommerce business for a ground breaking day in online sales.

1. Plan Your Deals: Decide on your Cyber Monday specials.


2. Setup The Big Reveal: Plan out how you’re going to tell your customers about your Cyber Monday specials. Some businesses have a special page that announces what’s going on for the sale, others announce savings via a special newsletter a day or two before the big day.


3. Get Everyone Excited: Start building anticipation in your company blog and in your weekly newsletter. Don’t tell customers exactly what is for sale, just tell them that a massive sale is coming their way.

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4. Design: Build an impressive landing page for Cyber Monday. Don’t make it difficult for people to find out where the awesome sales are happening.

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5. Mobile: Optimize your website for mobile. eMarketer estimates that mobile sales will reach $132.69 billion sales by 2018.


6. Personalize Deals: Use demographic information to target your customers with personalized offers.


7. Get creative with your social media: Think video, cartoons, pictures, infographics and anything else you can use to standout. Fiverr.com can help you create great products without breaking the bank.

8. Optimize your website for security and trust: Consumers are justifiably cautious around the holidays as hackers are up to their usual Grinch antics. According to a recent Gallup study, identity theft tops the list of things that Americans fear. Make sure your website is secure, with a highly visible Trust Seal, and it doesn’t hurt to also add testimonials, and customer reviews if you don’t have them already. Remember,Trust Seals are proven to have a 10-15% increase in conversion.

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9. Free Shipping: Customers are coming to expect free shipping for Cyber Monday purchases. Free shipping might make the difference between choosing you or a competitor.


10. Prepare your servers: Get your servers ready for a huge amount of traffic for Cyber week.


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