Persuasive Words Your Customers Want to Hear

persuasive words

When marketing your products or services to your customers, you may find that there are certain persuasive words that may help you sell. There are reasons that customers buy some products and leave others sitting on the shelf.  There are reasons that you might decide to try a new restaurant or switch to a different type of toothpaste.

Here are 10 words that your customers will want to hear when they make a decision whether or not to buy:

Free – People love things that are free, it’s as simple as that. Studies have shown that people will choose products that they can get for free.  Or they may purchase products that allow them to get something else free.

Exclusive – If you make your product or service only available to a select group, you make people want it even more. Other similar words that have the same meaning are members only, invitation only, or insider.

Easy – People these days may be a bit on the lazy side.  Whenever we hear that something is simple or easy, we are drawn to it. Take software for instance; people are more likely to buy if it is “easy to use” or “easy to install”.

Limited – No one wants to miss out on something. It’s a great deal, and you need to make a decision now before it’s too late.

Get – Studies have shown that headlines that start with the word “get” doubled their conversions. This is an action word that puts the reader in charge and they usually get some kind of benefit.

Guaranteed – There is a lot of fraud in the world these days.  Customers have a legitimate concern about the quality and safety of the products or services they are investing in. Using a word like “guaranteed” will reassure them that they can pull the trigger. Just be sure that you can back up your guarantee.

You – You should use first person language to make the reader feel special.  Using “you” also makes your writing conversational and friendly.

Because – Human brains love explanations. We want to know “why”. Let your customers know why they need your product or service.

Best – Think about when you google something.  How many times have you gone back and added the word “best” in front of your search.  It just gives you better results.

Compare – With social media and review sites and blogs, everyone wants to compare before they buy. They want to see products or services side by side with what they have to offer. Use this to your advantage.

10 Powerfully Persuasive Words Your Customers Want To Hear|Entrepreneur

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