Take Care of Your Customers and They Will Take Care of You

No one wants to feel like they are making a purchase from a company that does not care about their needs. Customers want to feel like their point of view is valued and that the business they are purchasing from is respecting their interests. I buy all of my outdoor equipment from tents to rock climbing shoes at REI, because I know they care about their customers. If I am not satisfied with my new sleeping bag they are quick to offer solutions and work with me to find the perfect product. In turn, I am a dedicated consumer and only purchase gear from them. Lack of customer centricity at other businesses is what led me to REI. I have been to other outdoor equipment stores that did not care if my snowboard binding broke causing me to wipe out on a black diamond run.

Listening to your customer and taking into consideration what they want and need is important. It’s what makes customers become dedicated to your company. Customer centricity is not about selling your customer a pair of hiking boots and kicking them out the door. Customer centricity is about fitting your customer in the perfect hiking boots and making it clear that they can come back if they have concerns. When they come back they often buy a new hiking pack, a pair of warm socks, and a new water bottle. When you listen to your customers’ needs they are more likely to continue doing business with you.

Don’t ignore your customer’s point of view.  Make sure your customer knows how much you care, and they will be back again and again.

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2 Responses

  1. Elisha says:

    I like feeling important and that the company I am buying from actually cares and wants to make sure I am getting what will be best for me. There is nothing worse then feeling like a company only wants your money and out the door.

    • epicecomtools says:

      Absolutely Elisha. There is a lot of statistical evidence that supports exactly what you’re saying. Customers want to feel important and cared about. Businesses who are empathetic are striking it big right now.

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